Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

Everybody wants to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Many people take good care of their teeth; however if their teeth’s actual shade is dark, the bleaching procedure is suggested.

The Bleaching Procedure

After a professional teeth cleaning (Prophylaxis), the actual shade (color) of the patient’s teeth is revealed. If the existing shade it is not satisfactory, then we can whiten the existing teeth to a lighter shade. During the whitening procedure, we can decide the degree of lightening we want, and achieve the desirable result.

The patient must take into consideration that existing stains or discolorations of the teeth surface will not disappear. They will all get lighter, but they will still remain visible. Also, existing white fillings, crown porcelain laboratory work (and any artificial work), will not be affected, with the Bleaching procedure.

The bleaching procedure is done By Dr. Garefis and his experienced staff and it requires just one appointment (2 hours).

It can be achieved with or without local anesthesia, with or without IV sedation. It all depends upon the individual patient and his stress and fear. The isolation of the soft tissue is done with special materials. The whitening material is applied over the anterior surface of the teeth; with different lighting appliances, in 2 to 3 consecutive cycles, we reach the final result. (We always get the latest Bleaching products directly from USA).

The final result is impressive as the bright smile brings up the individuality, and the patient now enjoys his new look.