Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

Our teeth are continuously coming in contact with the food we consume. This is one of the reasons that teeth, gums, tongue and mouth have to be cleaned daily. During mastication, the remaining of the various food particles stay over between teeth and gums. In conjunction with the saliva and the salt percentage, tartar is created.

Regardless of how well we take care of our teeth, gums, tongue etc, a check up with prophylaxis from a dentist, should be mandatory every 6 months. The dentist, with the application of a clinical or radiographical examination (if needed), will detect any problem in its beginning stage.

Prophylaxis has various stages, depending of each person’s dental condition. It starts with a vibrating scaling around the teeth, in order to remove the debris. During this stage, a deeper scaling might be necessary, in order to regenerate the soft tissues. At a following stage, we apply the prophyjet procedure in order to remove the stains and polish the teeth.

After the teeth cleaning, Dr. Garefis will present to you the evaluation of your mouth’s overall condition, including the condition of the existing bone.

Suggestions for further treatments could be made if this is necessary; for example, if the shade of your teeth is quite dark and doesn’t give a desirable smile, suggestions for Bleaching (Whitening) could be made, always according to your needs.