Every individual has different functional and aesthetic dental needs; this is why each time, we focus on designing a customized treatment plan to perfectly cover those needs, instead of following a general treatment protocol.

Very often, our treatment plan consists of an extended combination of dental procedures, such as:

– Periodontal treatment

– Root canal treatment

– Post-Fillings, Build ups

– Extractions, with minor surgery, suturing

– Implants positioning

– Porcelain crowns, bridges

– Removable partials, super dentures, etc.

– Full mouth Reconstruction

It is evident, that those treatments can be completed successfully, only under the supervision of a dentist with adequate medical knowledge and professional experience. It is also true, that in order for those treatments to be completed simultaneously, a sophisticated procedure approach must be applied.

We have succeeded to develop a sophisticated treatments’ application system, so that both clinic residence time and treatment completion time, are reduced to the minimum!

90% Less Treatment Time
100% Perfect Results

In nearly all cases of combined dental services, we set two appointments with the patient, as a standard procedure.

At the first appointment, which normally lasts 7-8 hours, we apply a combined dental treatment.

At the second appointment (15 days later), which normally lasts one hour, we place the permanent prosthesis. Prosthesis requires only 17 days to be completed at the dental laboratory, and this is the reason that the second appointment is set 15 days after the first one.

In only two appointments, we succeed to complete dental work that usually requires many months to be done.

Having respect for each individual’s precious time, we pay special attention to the total treatment’s runtime.

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Τhere are a few extreme cases, where due to a certain medical protocol, we cannot proceed with immediate implant loading, and we have to wait for a longer period of time. In such cases, a third appointment is necessary.

Of course, we always inform the patient about this fact in advance.

As it happens with easiest cases, the patient leaves our premises (after the first appointment) with provisional prosthesis, in order to have full mouth functionality, until the placing of the final prosthesis.