Teeth Extractions – Microsurgery

For various reasons, a tooth or several teeth may have to be removed. The removal of a tooth it is called “extraction”.

The extraction can be done in two ways:
1 – Intact removal of the tooth with forceps.
2 – In some cases, the tooth is broken or the roots have to be split. In those cases, we have to open flaps (open the gums), expose the bone, and apply micro surgical techniques to remove the roots (or the broken roots), as well as the existing particles. In certain instances, we have to clean developed cysts or abscesses, and then place artificial bone (HA) or L-PRF to induce bone formation.

We always suture the areas with very thin sutures (from 3-0 to 6-0). This eliminates the possibility of post operative infection (if the wound is left opened).

Antibiotic coverage is strongly recommended 48 hours before surgery, and for 5 to 6 days after the operation.