Endodontic treatment (Endo)

Each tooth is “alive”; its vitality is due to nerve and blood supplies that it gets from the foramina. A tooth could stay alive throughout a person’s life, unless various dental complications make necessary its nerve’s removal.

There are many different reasons, that could lead to the necessity of a dental nerve removal:
1 – Extensive dental cavities.
2 – A necrotic nerve with possible bone deterioration in the form of a cyst.
3 – Accidents (falls, etc) which may have as a consequence a detached nerve.

A proper endodontic treatment consists of:
1 – The nerve / nerves removal (There are teeth that might have up to 4 or 5 nerves).
2 – The mechanical cleansing of the canals where the nerves are, all the way up to the foramina.
3 – The sterilization of the canals.
4 – The proper filling of the canals.

After the completion of the endodontic treatment, the tooth loses its elasticity. It is recommended to be posted. A variety of posts exists (prefabricated, casted, carbon, etc.).

Each and every time, first we analyze the options, and then we proceed accordingly.

Around the post, we build the lost dental substance with a special dental material. In many cases though, it may be necessary for the tooth to be crowned, in order to be stabilized.