Laminated Veneer Facings (LVF)

The Laminated Veneer Facings are usually made, in order to cover the front (labial) surfaces of teeth (mainly of the anterior teeth).

Teeth in a general way have to be grinded relatively to the width of the composite material we place. By that way, we ensure that the final outcome will look normal (not thick). Thus, a thin layer of the material covers the front teeth surface, reproducing the shape, the length and the desirable color (shade).

LVF can be made by composite material (in different shades), or they can be made in the Laboratory with porcelain (fired in the oven in 1800 F degrees). The porcelain Veneers are superior in strength and aesthetical results, compared to those made by plastic materials.

The LVF is attached to the tooth surface through a special procedure, giving a beautiful restorative outcome, both functionally and aesthetically.

The porcelain Veneers were first developed in 1982 in the University of Southern California ( USC ) by Dr. Mark Friedman and were made first in Da Vinci Dental Studios in Woodland Hills, in Los Angeles by Danny Materdomini , a master dental technician. Dr. Garefis at that time practicing Dentistry in Los Angeles, was working with Da Vinci Dental Studios.

Dr. Garefis was the first to introduce the Porcelain Laminated Veneers in Greece (in 1986).