Our philosophy lies on the combination of high quality dental treatments at a comfortable environment. 


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    Our dental clinic was founded in 1991, by Dr Garefis. It is organized in a unique way for the Greek standards, focusing simultaneously on the patient’s safety and comfort, under any medical circumstances

    We use a combination of sophisticated medical techniques, tailored to the needs of each and every patient. Because of this, optimum results are succeeded in minimum time, while the patient doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

    Our facilities are equipped, not only with fundamental medical machinery of excellent quality, but also with:

    1. A 65 KVA central generator that offers the ability of non stop electric power. This is a life saving factor during the surgeries.
    2. Electrical supply of 220 V. Also electrical supply of 110 V (USA voltage for all our USA equipment).
    3. An interior installation of Oxygen and N2O.
    4. Digital Radiography equipment which helps us diagnose every case in detail
    5. An EKG, a defribrilator etc., which secure the normal control of the patient’s health status continuously.
    6. A fully equiped dental laboratory.
    7. A resting post op area.

    We want our patients to feel relaxed during their treatment. This the reason we provide:

    – Parking for our patients undergoing treatment on the day of the operation.



    All these settings, enable us to work in long sessions, and achieve a full mouth treatment, that would normally need weeks to be completed, in just one appointment!

    Inside our facilities we have our own laboratory, where we do all the temporary provisional laboratory work. This fact is extremelly important for our patients, since they always leave our premises, both functionally and aesthetically restored.

    It takes us normally 15 days from the first  appointment session(up to 8 hours), to the second and final appointment, when the completed prosthetic work is positioned in the mouth. All necessary changes, add ups, custom porcelain stainings etc., are done in our premises.

    We’ re glad to know, that our patients experience the exceptional level of care they deserve!