Periodontal Treatment

Periodontitis is an inflammatory process around teeth, which involves at first the soft tissues (gums) and later on, the surrounding bone.

The periapical and panoramic X rays together with a clinical examination, can offer the proper diagnosis for the periodontal situation.

At the initial stage the inflammation is around the mucosa (gum). At this stage, proper deep scaling and a follow up treatment, could stop the inflammatory process.

At another stage, the inflammation gets deeper in the soft tissues, while “pockets” are created (in different depths). At this stage, a periodontal treatment will be absolutely necessary, and gingivectomy or even periodontal surgery could be applied.

If the inflammation is not cured in the initial stages, pockets might harm the bone, and a surgical bone grafting might be needed . If the case is severe, we could lose a tooth (or even many teeth).

The regular dental check up is always the best treatment, since it helps to prevent the periodontium, to detect if any initial problems are in progress, and to ensure that we have a clean and healthy mouth.