Dental Services & Laboratories

Our goal has always been excellence in our work.

Our goal is to offer the best functional and aesthetic results to each and every patient. We also believe, that our patients should not spend their time and energy in unnecessary procedures. For these reasons, we developed a two step procedure:

Step 1. Dental Services

The dental treatments that we provide, are always based in the most advanced techniques of prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry.

We have medical specialization and expertize in all kinds of dental treatment, such as periodontal and root canal treatment, post-fillings, build ups, extractions, dental surgeries, implants, aesthetic treatments, etc.

This phase corresponds to the 50% of a successful Prosthetic Reconstructive Dental Work.

Step 2. Laboratory Work

The phase of the laboratory work, corresponds to rest 50% of a successful Prosthetic Reconstructive Dental Work.

We always set the highest possible standards for our Prosthetic Reconstructive Dental Work. For this reason we only cooperate with qualified and accredited dental laboratories.  Our selection is based on experience, fidelity, accuracy, timing and final performance.

Final Outcome

The responsibility for the final outcome is 100% ours, and involves all the restorative and the prosthetic works. Our long experience on dental reconstruction and aesthetic restoration, guarantees the best possible result.

As Fast, As Possible!

We provide any restorative and prosthetic part, in 15 DAYS ONLY!