Post-Fillings, Build ups

Quite often, teeth cavities appear in various areas of the teeth surfaces. This happens mainly, due to patient’s poor hygiene procedures. The early diagnosis of those cavities is essential, in order to prevent a deeper extension or break of tooth walls, and to avoid a root canal treatment. Thus, the regular check up at the dental office is again very important.

The filling of the cavities is done with local anesthesia. There is no pain during the procedure. If scheduled in advance, many fillings could be done in just one long appointment.

The materials we use today are extremely durable composites, they have the strength in mastication and they also improve the mouth’s aesthetic image. The fillings can also be made of porcelain, a material that is fired in the oven. This type of filling is much more durable, and offers better aesthetic results in the long run.

If the lost part of the tooth is extensive, the formation of the lost part is called build up and it is also made of a composite material. There are various types of build ups. The choice of a build up depends on the case. Of course, a person can avoid all this trouble, if he visits his dentist regularly.