One of our main principles is to always examine each dental case separately, by taking into consideration all neccessary medical parameters. By this way we succeed to ensure our patient’s safety and to cover all his medical and aesthetic needs.

What do you examine at the first meeting?

Our first appointment has a diagnostic character. We examine:

– your medical and dental history
– your personal functional and aesthetic needs
– your mouth’s present clinical condition

Based on the results of the examination, we present you all the alternative treatment plans and their costs.

Is there a long wait in the clinic?

Not at all. We respect our patients’ precious time.

At first, we make a clinical and a radiographical evaluation. Then, we choose the most suitable treatment, in order to offer the best functional and aesthetic solution.

An issue we take under careful consideration, is the clinical condition of each patient; besides evaluating all dental aspects, we examine his general health status. More specifically, we always:

• check for the patient’s medical history and existing medical condition,
• take under consideration, any medication that he might takes,
• evaluate the level of his stress and fear at the Dental office.

During our first meeting with our patient, we always measure his blood pressure, the O2 level in the blood and his heart beat. We should underline at this point, that one of our standard control procedures, is to measure our patient’s blood pressure, the O2 level in the blood and his heart beat in every dental appointment (before the beginning of the treatment).

The treatment offered, whether dental surgery, prosthetic work, or hygienic prophylaxis is involved, is rendered under local anesthesia.

We can guarantee that, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN.

Especially for patients who feel discomfort and fear because of past bad dental experiences or any other reason, we can administer IV sedation.  IV sedation is a safe medical technique, that makes the patient feel completely relaxed.