Principles & Goals

Experience in life comes with age. In the long process of growing up, we receive various stimuli and are exposed to influences from the social surroundings and the community we live in.

Our personality, therefore, is formed and completed according to the direct or indirect contacts with people, friends or colleagues. I have always been a good listener, gaining at all times from what I heard, rather than being a speaker and forwarding my point of view.

While living and practicing dentistry in Los Angeles, California in the U.S.A. for over 30 years, I found out that all the important and famous persons I dealt with, were simple people and listeners, rather than snobs and show-offs. In their majority they were serious, sophisticated and cultured individuals and they didn’t need to get any affirmation on their social status and knowledge.

In the long run, I have concluded that the more you know the more you realize how little you know, thus you never stop seeking for more knowledge by being open to receiving messages.

Respectively in the field of dentistry which I have been serving for over 40 years, I always listen to my patients and remain open to receive their messages.

Of cource, for a good result, listening should be combined with experience and expertise. It should be emphasised, that the services provided in our clinic are based on the latest scientific developments of aesthetic dentistry and dental implantology.

All our techniques are applied to the best of our ability with only one goal: The complete satisfaction of our patient’s needs.

Paris N. Garefis DDS